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Luxury med spa in Scottsdale, AZ

Hyperbaric chamber treatments are used to increase oxygen perfusion in the body quickly. Oxygen is delivered into all of our tissues, including areas where circulation is diminished, which is an extremely important component as oxygen is essential for the function and maintenance of every cell in our body, regardless of whether it’s an organ, muscle, or bone.

Holistic preventative medicine is crucial when trying to look or feel our best which is why we offer tailored services to assess your current physiological state and get you to where you want to be! Not every ailment must be muted by a pill because no imbalance has a quick fix, rather, taking a deep dive into your current thyroid, cortisol, and hormonal levels can assist in specific supplement therapies. 

This panel delivers medical-grade red and near-infrared LED light at concentrated and specific wavelengths so the cells in the body can produce more energy, stimulate collagen production, enhance fat loss, improve metabolism, improve muscle recovery, and more!

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