Red Light Therapy

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What is Red Light Therapy?

man riding Peloton next to a woman standing in front of red lights

This panel delivers medical grade red and near infrared LED light at concentrated and specific wavelengths so the cells in the body can produce more energy.

The Benefits of Red Light Therapy:

Some of the benefits that this treatment offers includes:

  • anti-aging by stimulation collagen production
  • enhances fat loss
  • improves metabolism
  • improves muscle recovery
  • helps hair regrowth
  • decreases inflammation within the body
  • increases energy
  • improves quality of sleep
  • improves immune health and joint health
  • improves mood and cognitive function
  • improves hormonal health
  • enhances fertility and boosts testosterone in males
  • speeds healing from injuries. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Red light therapy treatments can be used daily for 20-60 minutes for optimal results. 

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