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What is Kybella?

Kybella in its packaging at The Perfect Secret med spa

Kybella is a liquid form of deoxycholic acid which is injected into an area of the body where stubborn fat is noticeable ranging from the “double chin” to bra fat or the lower belly pooch.

This is a treatment that requires minimal downtime, although, a noticeably swollen appearance will be noted for 3-5 days. This is currently the only injectable FDA approved for permanent fat loss.

The Benefits of Kybella:

This treatment is best suited for those with stubborn fat pockets in their body and who would like to avoid surgical intervention. Although this does not take place of surgery, it does provide desirable results to those looking to tweak small areas of frustration.

In a way, it provides tailored body contouring without the significant downtime that surgery requires.

Who doesn’t love a little liquid lipo?

Frequently Asked Questions

Deoxycholic acid is naturally found within the body inside the auxiliary bile duct released by intestinal bacteria. The purpose of the injection is to denature the outer protein layer of the fat cell causing it to become unstable and die.

This procedure may need to be performed numerous times to achieve the desired look (often 2-3 times). 

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