Hyperbaric Oxygen Therapy

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What is a Hyperbaric Chamber?

blue hyperbaric chamber with words "Oxy Air 32"

A hyperbaric chamber is a pressurized tank that allows those using it to lie comfortably inside while oxygen is brought to 95% inside the tank at 1.3 ATA or 4.3 PSI.

Hyperbaric Chamber treatments can be done multiple times per week for numerous needs and ailments. There is an AC unit and mattress for increased comfort. Patients can utilize their phones safely while inside the chamber. It is 32 inches in diameter and 89 inches in length.

The Benefits of Hyperbaric Chamber Treatments:

Hyperbaric chamber treatments are used to increase oxygen perfusion in the body quickly. Oxygen is delivered into all of our tissues, including areas where circulation is diminished, which is an extremely important component as oxygen is essential for the function and maintenance of every cell in our body, regardless of whether it’s an organ, muscle, or bone.

It is responsible for creating ATP, which is the energy currency of our body, thereby required by all cellular processes to function and to support normal bodily and brain function, including organs, bones, joints, muscles, etc.

Frequently Asked Questions

As safety is always a concern, you will be asked to put on a 100% cotton robe while utilizing this treatment.

 This is an individual-use product that is for one person at a time.

There are numerous safety functions and emergency valves to ensure a pleasant and seamless experience. 

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