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Luxury medical aesthetics, skincare and wellness.

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A little nip and a little tuck, but no downtime? Yes, please! Does it hurt? Kinda, but whatever. Beauty is pain. Just kidding, we numb you.

Our injectables include dissolvable hyaluronic acid based dermal fillers, including Juvederm and Restylane; neurotoxins, including Botox and Dysport (we’re sure you have a favorite); and collagen-boosting biostimulators. Nothing is off limits, and everything is fixable!

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You popped out a baby, now what? Leave the tiny human at our care center and just relax. Forgot how to do that? We’ll remind you!

At the Perfect Secret, we pamper you with beauty treatments that are safe for pregnancy and nursing mothers. We’re thinking brows on fleek and arched to perfection, lashes long and luscious, nails coiffed and pearlescent, body limber and slimmer. Also, don’t forget to tighten that pussy cat right up with our vaginal rejuvenation laser!

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Facials, gua sha, red light therapy… oh my! You’re unstoppable with tight, supple skin taking on everyday tasks with confidence beaming to the high heavens!

Regardless of your skin concerns, there is always a solution. Although we are a one-stop shop, the foundation is creating a customizable plan for your specific needs. Our “secret agents” are all trained in services that can best fit your needs from hydrating Diamond Glow Facials to regenerative radio-frequency microneedling. Call me, beep me, if you wanna reach me!

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Wanna glow like J. Lo? No, it’s not olive oil but it is a healthy gut and adrenal gland. We know, not as sexy, but it’s true!

One prick of the finger and scan of the palm later we can get a better look at your undercarriage with preventative medicine. We offer natural, prescription-grade supplements (non-doping for all our athletes) that re-energize your body cell by cell. Specializing in adrenal dysfunction and hormone replacement (no pellets, book a consult and we’ll tell you why).

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OH WHAT A MAN! Body like a Greek god, bronzed skin, hair trimmed to perfection, a beard soft and luxurious. Not you? That’s okay. Not anyone without a little help!

Men have insecurities too, none of which are too small or too large to tackle. Sneak away into our lair where we can assist your every need, and do it on the DL so that none of your friends know you’ve dabbled in some Bro-tox. Like the great Ricky Bobby once said “Here’s the deal I’m the best there is. I wake up in the morning and I piss excellence.” Now, don’t you want to feel like that?

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Body Treatments

Stubborn fat pouch? C-section pooch? Just need a little bit of encouragement to get your ass back in the gym, then in a swimsuit?

Body contouring laser treatments will transform your life! Painless weekly treatments at our luxury med spa in Scottsdale of a magic wand delivering heat to your frustrated areas will have you screaming “I’ll take one of everything please!” If you’re in it for permanent fat removal, Kybella is your new BFF…but so is that little friend you’ll have for a few days too (bullfrog swelling). I think I’ll call him Jeeves.

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